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Am I still in a position to counter-offer?
23 votes

Negotiations have just begun if the formal offer you received from the company was the company's first offer to you. My response would be "Your offer is appreciated but I'm looking for a salary in ...

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Should I admit to a potential employer that I didn't get in touch because I'm ashamed of my grades?
14 votes

I would forward my grades and apologize for the delay. No need to provide a reason unless he pushes for it. Also, unless someone questions you about your low grades you should not offer unsolicited ...

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Dealing with lack of work in new job efficiently and professionally
3 votes

Refactor some code, investigate a new version control system, investigate a new language to use, improve the make environment so the code builds from one command, automate testing so every time a ...

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How to follow up after a software exam
1 votes

I believe you explained the following situation: Interviewed at two different companies. Took software exams at both companies. Company said they will contact you for the next steps. You have not ...

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What is the importance of mentioning start/end dates for projects?
0 votes

I would hesitate in adding project dates to my resume. I'm involved in the recruiting process and project dates are not useful to me. To determine the size and scope of a project would require much ...

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