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Just a regular guy from the San Francisco Bay Area near Silicon Valley in California.

I like basketball, weights, running, hangin with friends, and watching TV.

Currently a Senior in College at AIU Online working towards my B.S. in Infiormation Technogoly specializing in Software Development. I have been programming in various languages for around 17 years, so I'm fairly good at some of them.

I can pretty much program anything on Qt (and have), as well as Java, C#, C++, Javascript/HTML5, PHP, OpenGL, and many others.

You can check out some of my source code and download related binaries online at

https://www.datafault.net/latest-tutorials/ various tutorials

And finally, I host websites for small businesses in my local area from my dedicated Linux Servers, if you are interested in that visit: http://www.datafault.net/