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By day, a mild mannered systems and network admin at a private financial services firm. By night, an pretty decent video gamer who happens to look better by taking an engineer's approach to the problem (I may never win a speed run contest, but I'm real good at 100% accuracy and "they never touched you" badges.)

I do some programming in my "free time" to keep the skills in one piece; been playing with interconnecting several single-purpose control/sensor devices here recently basically trying to hack together an IoT mesh out of things that pre-date that term.

Occasionally take to flying tiny aircraft (sUAV, all registered) most of that time while working on programming them to fly a mission all by themselves (drones, always in registered test zones, don't sic the FAA on me just yet). Flying FPV remote is one thing, getting HAL to follow "basic human instructions," like "find and follow the blue truck," without smashing into something - that's a little bit harder. But hey, that's what makes it so much fun.

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