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140 votes

Is finishing my CS degree critical to being employable as a web developer if I already have good experience and an internship?

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How do you professionally ask about going back to your old job?

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About to lose my job for the third time due my poor communication skills, what should I do?

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Asking for help in IT in a senior position while keeping credibility

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How should I deal with new trainees when, after a course, they are not able to do even a simple related task?

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Should I list "boredom" as a reason for leaving my previous job in an interview?

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How do I explain to my mentor that certain stuff is not possible without sounding negative at the same time?

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Why did my abusive boss insist that I take an unpaid leave of absence when I tried to resign?

89 votes

Accused of cheating during a technical video interview

78 votes

How can I constructively address the fact that a coworker with the same (senior) title doesn't have the basic skills for the role

65 votes

Recommend the employer to terminate the employee that I recommended

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Meeting was getting extended regularly: discussion turned to conflict

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How to handle another intern from the same school lying to leave work early?

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Turning down second offer?

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Can a company call me back from a garden leave?

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Company has been highly invested in my training. Is it okay to leave?

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How to attract people to work on very old and outdated technologies?

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Company paying for expensive flights - is there any precedent for re-allocating that money?

16 votes

Position Change Without Being Asked

12 votes

Keep getting called on my personal phone

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Is it ok to use my open-source projects as dependencies at work?

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Is "barking up the wrong tree" inappropriate in professional communication?

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How do deal with a rude co-worker as a new hire?

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Starting fresh as an "old" new software engineer

11 votes

Do I need to disclose to the company if they did not pro-rate salary in the contract for part time work?

11 votes

How do I tell my boss that he may be underestimating how much work/cost my project entails?

11 votes

Can I be fired if a customer stole another customer's wallet from my counter?

11 votes

Should I bring to my boss's attention that coworkers are getting me to do most of the work by giving me huge to-do lists?

11 votes

Ex employer has not collected laptop or phone

10 votes

Is it advisable to share memes in sign off email on last day of work?