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127 votes

Should I disclose a 'learning disability' (dyslexia) to my employer?

108 votes

Double applied with a recruiter, recruiter said I was rejected but company contacted me for interview. What should I do?

107 votes

As a team leader is it appropriate to bring in fundraiser candy?

77 votes

Can taking a few months off for personal development make it harder to re-enter the workforce?

74 votes

How to leave job when worrying the employer would be sued?

67 votes

Ethics of keeping a gift card you won at a raffle at a conference your company sent you to?

62 votes

How to effectively manage team members when they are your friends?

45 votes

Why do equal opportunity employers ask about my gender and race when applying?

44 votes

Spying on potential employer's LinkedIn

37 votes

My employer wants me to do a work of 6 months in just 2 months

31 votes

Is it okay to mine cryptocurrency with a company machine if I am a part timer?

30 votes

Boss thinks less of me because I smoke

30 votes

Should my line manager know why my colleague left?

29 votes

Blamed in front of coworkers for "skipping hierarchy"

28 votes

How can I protect myself from fallout with my employer over my political blog?

28 votes

How to deal with minor cubicle vandalism

25 votes

How can I fire an incompetent friend?

24 votes

How to come out gay without jeopardising relationships with colleagues?

23 votes

How to deal with a colleague who consistently schedules meetings that should be emails?

23 votes

Is it professional to include the "Sent from my device" in an email signature?

23 votes

Manager is hesitant to promote me because of possibility of resistance byfrom rest of team

21 votes

Is it normal for a junior programmer to be alone in a project?

18 votes

How to persuade recruiters to send me the Job Description?

18 votes

Can a foreign citizen working remotely be a CTO for a US company?

17 votes

How can I convince my boss my time is more useful than a less experienced worker's time?

17 votes

Should I be concerned that one of my direct reports still has one to one meetings with my manager after I was promoted?

16 votes

Importance of SO id and github id on CV

16 votes

How do I get a management position without management experience?

15 votes

Is it ethical to spend work time learning new skills?

14 votes

Boss making me feel guilty for leaving the company at the end of my internship

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