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Response to a bugfix suggestion said to just report bugs (not suggest solutions). Is this typical?
70 votes

As a developer, I find the first report very very useful. No long explanation, no long valgrind trace to read. With that patch, I could immediately see what the issue is, and if I worked on that code ...

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My manager told me I should feel comfortable about telling him if I want to leave the company. Should I tell him?
15 votes

If You are secure about your employability, that is if you get fired it's no big deal, and if wish to keep personal contact to the boss after you've left, and want to give impression of ...

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My friend, together with his bosses, is inviting me over for dinner. Accept or reject invitation?
6 votes

While I agree with the other answers mostly, and would say "go", it's not quite that simple. You have something to lose by going, though that is just inside your own head. Meeting these people will ...

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How do I politely decline an invitation to an event that would be unpleasant or uncomfortable to me?
5 votes

If you don't want to lie and don't really want to explain either, then simply don't. "I can't attend for personal reasons." If pressed for more details, just repeat "Sorry, it's a personal matter", ...

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