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45 votes

Disagreeing with boss over personal topics when socializing

28 votes

Why would a company prefer firing people to laying them off?

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How do I resign when I know my employer will lose a big client when I leave?

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How to clock time on a mandatory shuttle?

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Am I responsible for replacing hardware in software development?

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Resigning two months after promotion

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Salary discussion while I'm actively searching for a new job

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Does Being Paid Salary Mean My Days Should Be Longer?

4 votes

Should I inform my manager that a colleague is looking for another job if I was told that in confidence?

4 votes

I retired from a job and went back a year later as a contractor. How do I list both stints without duplicating the responsibilities?

4 votes

My company wants everyone to obtain an IT certification in the next few months

1 vote

How to handle building my own social media site side project while working at Google or Facebook?

1 vote

My supervisor at seasonal job is not returning my calls: Should I contact the company?

0 votes

When should non-work related items, such as being on a Television program be shown on a resumé?