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312 votes

Should I point out that I'm a woman when negotiating starting salary?

240 votes

Talking to colleague with short skirt - how do I not come off as a creep?

237 votes

Is there a diplomatic way to explain to a manager that they're pushing without any leverage?

204 votes

How can I stop being badgered for "leaving early" without hurting my co-worker relationships?

154 votes

Is it okay to leave early if my boss does?

149 votes

How to stop an employee from holding the company hostage?

127 votes

Should a "Native Speaker" fluency level be used only by real native speakers?

118 votes

Employer asks for "guarantor" to compensate damages due to consultant's "breach of the employment contract"

112 votes

How do you break it to a new employer that you don't drink?

112 votes

How appropriate is the interview question: "Show me a piece of code you like"?

109 votes

Boss wants my team to work weekends

108 votes

Does it send the wrong impression if I ask if I will be drug tested?

104 votes

How can I deal with being told I ask too many questions?

102 votes

When given the choice in a test, should I use the older technology that I'm most comfortable with or a newer technology that I might struggle with?

97 votes

Is my future mentor "harassing" me?

97 votes

Is rude to ask an ex employee for a feedback about a company they worked for?

89 votes

How do I address my new colleagues?

84 votes

Intern applicant asking for compensation equivalent to that of permanent employee

82 votes

Will not wearing makeup affect my career?

79 votes

What are the pros and cons of mentioning that salary is not most important factor for me in my cover letter?

73 votes

Is it unprofessional to leave a job early as a trainee?

73 votes

Is it a good technique to bring a notebook and a calculator to a salary negotiation meeting?

68 votes

Bring up a candidate's possibly unethical work experience in interview?

66 votes

How to deal with a coworker who uses sensuality and attractiveness to get favors and other things done at work?

65 votes

Is it okay to whistle while at the office?

63 votes

Assigned a job I cannot do

62 votes

Should I tell my boss I have started looking for a new job because I think my salary is too low?

59 votes

Appropriate values to group user information by gender?

58 votes

How to deal with a company that wants to pay you with items instead of money?

57 votes

Should I complain to my boss about a building move which inconveniences me?

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