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89 votes

How to ask my employer if a training course I took a while back has a clause attached to it ("stay at x employer for n months")?

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I flunked a technical test because some of their expected answers were wrong! Should I let the company know?

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About to give in my notice, but suddenly got a raise. Will it reflect poorly on me if I still decide to leave?

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How to approach coworker who has cancer, if I'm not supposed to know?

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Received offer but stock options subject to board approval

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I refused work due to an injury, I was threatened with disciplinary?

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When hiring, should I discriminate against a group that is favored by others, for balance?

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Will my current Place of Employment (A) Contact Potential Place of Employment (B) for counter-offer proof?

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How to answer "Are you interviewing anywhere else?" during an interview

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Being offered by a Startup

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What is the right path when an H-1B Visa coworker is being paid less than he legally deserves?

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How can I get out of carpool, or ask money for it?

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If I submit notice before the work day begins, does that day count as Day 1?

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Job offer: bad wording?

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Who should pay my travel expenses? I'm a 1099 contractor going on a trip for my client

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How to show an update made to a software application coded by a senior as an intern?

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Taking time off after giving two-week notice?

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Tell Interviewer About On Leave Plan

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What is a reasonable salary increase in a high inflation?

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HR misleading about salary expectations

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Is an unsolicited thank-you email intrusive?

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Does 4 Weeks Notice hurt your chances of finding a new job?