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My staff is pressuring me to fire a talented employee
18 votes

For the purposes of my answer, I will assume that the information provided in the question is accurate. To Leon: Leave immediately. You are young, bright, and have developed solutions which add value....

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Customer (small non-profit social services organization) doesn't like the term "business logic"
12 votes

How can I reassure her that the website I'm building won't have any "business logic"? I tried to explain but it became clear that I was in a hole and I had to stop digging. To get the ...

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How do I distance myself from a clique that's constantly mocking my colleagues?
8 votes

It sounds like you're in proximity to a somewhat toxic situation, you're pretty low on the totem pole, and your boss(es) don't particularly care about this problem. You also say you don't want drama. ...

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Is it okay to ask for respect from interviewer?
7 votes

You ask: "What can I do to address this situation?" I can't think of anything productive to say or do to get the offender to change their discourteous behavior in the moment. But you state that you ...

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What if a boss requires supervision?
6 votes

I suspect that this manager may not be amendable to constructive criticism, but if you are interested in a non-adversarial approach you could attempt to schedule a short, 10-minute face-to-face ...

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How appropriate is the interview question: "Show me a piece of code you like"?
5 votes

It's a great discussion question for friends or colleagues with mutual interests and experience, but a terrible interview question. Ultimately, asking this question will fail to generate information ...

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How to deal with colleague that starts arguments?
4 votes

we are friends, and [...] the company is trying to do something important that we all strongly care about Sounds like you're in a high-passion workplace, which can be good! But we're talking ...

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How to react professionally when introduced as an expert?
4 votes

I think the core of your question is this: I've been introduced as the expert, but people don't listen to my ideas. I think you and your boss need to have a better understanding about your ...

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How to dress if there is no dress code?
4 votes

If you're confident that your company culture truly doesn't have a dress code, then I suggest the following: Wear whatever you wear when you're not working. I'm not really a T-shirt and old jeans ...

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Should I complain to my boss about a building move which inconveniences me?
3 votes

You deserve to be heard and your bosses probably want to listen. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'll change everything all at once, but that's okay too. Your job satisfaction is down as a ...

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Would opting out of catered lunch be taken poorly?
0 votes

As many others have said, no one will care whether you eat the company's catered lunch or bring your own lunch from home. But there's more to it than that. Based on your statements: I moved to one of ...

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