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318 votes

Is it reasonable for my employer to make me use unpaid time off to drive back after a work conference?

73 votes

Potential new partner angry about first collaboration - how to answer email to close up this encounter in a graceful manner

63 votes

Buckling spring keyboard in open workspace

51 votes

Stuff has gone missing off my desk at work - what are my options?

36 votes

Coworkers showing up late to start their shift force me to stay longer

25 votes

Severance contract requires a lie. Is this enforceable?

24 votes

Email may have sent twice - is there an etiquette convention for this?

21 votes

Coworker uses her breast-pump everywhere in the office

19 votes

Should I report a leak of confidential HR information?

18 votes

Is it unprofessional to have a quiet alarm for your own finishing time?

17 votes

My business partner does not want to participate on the business activities, how should I proceed?

16 votes

Should you use email tracking with your employer?

16 votes

Consequences for leaving an easter egg in code?

14 votes

Refusing to increment productivity beyond salary raise

13 votes

How do I negotiate salary when returning to a position I just left?

12 votes

Interview rescheduled by employer two hours before the meeting

11 votes

Is it unethical to quit a job soon after receiving my annual bonus?

11 votes

Before I leave my company, should I delete software I wrote during my free time?

11 votes

Coworker is lying about having kids to get extra time off. What should I do?

10 votes

How to respectfully refuse to assist co-workers with IT issues?

10 votes

People reacting with anger to my trying to get rid of meetings that should be emails

10 votes

Is it acceptable for my employer to tell me to keep my laptop on overnight, running automation tests?

9 votes

Is it unprofessional to add a Stallman-like "you won't find me on Facebook" to my resume?

9 votes

Was it really inappropriate to write a pull request for the company I interviewed with?

9 votes

How to get a raise that's been denied because of sick leave?

9 votes

Supervisor hit on my wife and exacted revenge on her after being turned down

9 votes

Is it OK to lie to a customer to protect them from themselves?

9 votes

How to react to an unusually informal first contact from a recruiter

8 votes

During notice period, my manager wants me to document everything and bring juniors to my level

8 votes

I found out the "default salary" for a position is higher than the offer I accepted. Should I feel cheated?

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