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37 votes

How to protect my direct report being unfairly blamed by a colleague from a different team?

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Is it a common practice to strongly incentivize employee to relay company posts on Linkedin with our personal account?

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Received an absence notice from HR for missing a day at work that I took with my boss's authorization

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How can I give a chance to a coworker for a new job interview without getting him fired?

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How to leave a job for ethical/moral issues without explaining details to a potential employer

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Someone from HR suggesting that I should not hang out with a coworker

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Junior developer struggles: how to communicate with management?

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Staffing agency says I won't get paid to pick up equipment required by client. Should I push back?

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How do I explain to a team that the project they will work on for six months will certainly be cancelled?

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Politely saying no to other departments despite historic expectations?

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How do I get colleagues to stop piling work on me in my last month of work?

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How to positively describe a negative behaviour or event?

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Should I reply to urgent emails if I am not fit for work?

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How can I explain to my manager that a project he wishes to undertake cannot be performed by the team?

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How can I politely decline my boss's invitations to social events after-hours or on the weekend

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Should I recommend that I not be involved in a project if my advice is consistently ignored?

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How do you deal with the emotions of not being the one to find the cause of a bug?

1 vote

How can you discover meaning and purpose in your development work when it feels so monotonous?

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How can I learn to care less because it makes me sick?

-1 votes

How will asking to be part of a more ethnically diverse team be perceived?

-4 votes

Junior Developer doing well but management wants to fire him