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79 votes

How do I approach my boss about licensing concerns he has already dismissed once

29 votes

How can I achieve a promotion to a senior position in my current company?

23 votes

I think an employer believes I am much more skilled than I actually am. Should I let them know in advance, before accepting the job offer?

10 votes

How far in advance should I inform my boss that I'm taking a week off?

7 votes

How to prove a need for an admin on production servers to manager?

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Manager is pushing me to take an intern while I'm not sure to stay

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What is the purpose of applying to a position?

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Refering ex colleagues after Performance improvement plan?

2 votes

Is it appropriate to contact an employer who hadn't hired you and ask for advice?

0 votes

Staffing agency says I won't get paid to pick up equipment required by client. Should I push back?

-1 votes

How do you take on less stress in a role than your predecessor did?