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2 votes

How do I deal with offshore team who does not respond to my messages as they should or maybe it is not an issue in the first place?

10 votes

How do I politely coexist with a help vampire?

7 votes

tell direct report to come to social event

6 votes

Is it okay to quit my new job after three weeks because I got a better offer?

8 votes

Called for civil service while working for a private company: Should I give it a try without resigning my current job even if it violates my contract?

299 votes

How to acknowledge an embarrassing job interview, now that I work directly with the interviewer?

8 votes

Dilemma of explaining to interviewer that he is the reason for declining second interview

8 votes

Trying to quit smoking but co-workers want me to start again due to me being more irritable

1 vote

How to combat an experienced line manager who uses calculated silence effectively?

28 votes

Avoiding confusion when two people in an office share the same first name

1 vote

Why would a resigning employee be immediately escorted out?

0 votes

How appropriate is the interview question: "Show me a piece of code you like"?