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Is finishing my CS degree critical to being employable as a web developer if I already have good experience and an internship?
9 votes

No, not even a little bit. There are some dev jobs where having a degree makes a significant difference to your chances of getting hired, but for most of those, it isn't a CS degree that matters — it'...

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How can I effectively communicate to recruiters that a phone call is not possible?
7 votes

It might help to phrase things as follows: I regret that I am not reachable by telephone, however I would be happy to travel to answer any questions you may have in person. First, you present the ...

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How can I deal with being told I ask too many questions?
1 votes

I find it hard to define exactly, but I've worked with a number of junior devs, and some of them asked questions that were very satisfying to answer, and some of them didn't. Answering your questions ...

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