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168 votes

Fired for third time from a software development job. What to do?

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Brother-in-law earns same salary for a much simpler job in family business

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How can we get the boss to stop using an anecdote during pitches that makes us look incompetent?

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How can I get an unreasonable manager to approve time off?

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Dealing with an employee that went over my head

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Boss wants me to ignore a software API license

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I messed up at the company party, got too drunk, flirted inappropriately. How do I make this better?

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A client wants me to provide assistance with using a service of a competitor company

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Should I embed a video into my PDF resume?

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Deal with toxic manager when you can't quit

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"I'm not telling you to work nights and weekends, but I am expecting that to happen" - what does this mean?

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Is my employer allowed to access my office emails without my knowledge/permission?

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How to communicate with a manager who forbids me to write emails and denies that I told him things

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Employee has issues with proper grammar after numerous verbal and written warnings

18 votes

Depression and on final warning for tardiness

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New employer wants me to pay for ISO 9001 accreditation before employment begins - is this a scam?

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How should I push back against my job assigning "homework"?

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Employer asks me to sign document after resigning

14 votes

I may have been too hard during negotiating a salary; can I send an email saying that my numbers were more like a target than a hard-cutoff sum?

14 votes

Is it a good salary negotiation tactic to say, "Make me an offer and I will either accept it or walk away"?

14 votes

Is it ethical to include opinion based code comments for future developers?

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Can staying late look like something bad?

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Will an eccentric personal style hinder my chances of being hired at a tech company?

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Short-term options to mitigate burnout and demotivation while working with painful colleague

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Invited to give talk, but want to refuse

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Manager wants me to discuss my performance directly with colleagues

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Our top dev doesn't want new challenges

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Is it ok to use informal contractions (wanna, gotta, kinda) in an interview?

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Is being disliked due to making unpopular decisions expected in every management position?

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Should I clock in if computer started updating?