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Thiago Rider Augusto
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Computer Engineer passionate about the transformation that technology and science can bring to society. Explorer by nature and driven by novelty. In a long-standing relationship with open technologies and for more than 15 years in the IT area, experiencing challenges since the time of systems administrator, also dealing with incidents in the area of ​​information security and infrastructure in the industry.

When I had the opportunity to work with automation in the infrastructure area for the first time, I found that it motivates me a lot, because it transfers the professional of the area to a position where he becomes an enabling and facilitating element for the rapid evolution of the teams. I try to focus on automation aiming at ease of maintenance.

I also enjoy sharing knowledge and helping people.

Outside of work, I actively participate in improvement actions in the area of ​​technology in my community.

Big fan of sci-fi and nature.

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