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Is it acceptable to quit in the middle of a project, when I am the only team member?
31 votes

I feel like there is part of the process missing from your question. In summary, what I read is "I am over-asked (too much and too complex work) so how do I quit?". You should probably take a step ...

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I was let go because I internally fought against unlawful overtime, how do I explain that in interviews?
3 votes

You have already been given great advice on how to handle the situation with your current employer, so I will try to specifically answer your question of how to sa this in future interviews. In ...

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My boss gave me an end date for my job- but he wants a very complex project done before then
1 votes

I think it may be good to separate out two different issues here. The timeline given to you is unrealistic Some answers have already pointed out that you should discuss this with your boss. My ...

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Client wants me to do something explicitly illegal
0 votes

While you already have some good answers and I absolutely agree with the advice to talk to a lawyer, I think you have two separate issues that you need to handle independently. One is [...] he ...

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