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How to tell VP that his presence makes people uncomfortable?

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Dealing with reactions from colleague about being self-taught

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How can I get my co-workers to migrate to a new system without being too pushy?

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What should I do if I'm not able to complete a take home task for an interview?

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How do I provide clear goals for a PIP when the developer's mistakes are ambiguous and varied?

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Am I in my rights to ask a colleague to not take notes on everything I say outside a meeting?

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What are some good questions for gauging what various software teams are like to work with?

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Are side projects acceptable "work experience" for an entry level worker?

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Is there an acceptable way to exclude yourself from giving presentations in a business setting?

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How to get employees to report to me as opposed to their previous boss?

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How to manage a team member who is uncooperative and who underperforms?