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I am a Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience. I currently work on the social gaming industry, providing social features to games played by millions of people every day. Previously, I had worked in the contact center industry, where I helped building a software solution successfully used in 26 countries by more than 190 clients.

I have experience in desktop and web application development, in addition to development and monitoring of cloud platforms, telephony solutions, infrastructure services and automation of build, test and deployment environments.

I have experience with relational and NOSQL databases, like Redis and Apache Cassandra. Full-text search engines such as Elasticsearch. Many web servers (IIS, Nginx) and provisioning and CI tools (Chef, Jenkins, Travis, AppVeyor).

I have authored many open source projects, mostly written in Lua, besides collaborating in many others like LuaRocks, the Lua package manager. There is a detailed list on my GitHub profile:

My programming language skills include C/C++, Lua, JavaScript, SQL, bash, x86 assembly. But I'm interested in many others, too. Erlang, Clojure, Go, Scala, Python, D, OCaml are in the reading list.

I'm used to wear many hats, picking up new skills as needed. I take pride in delivering well written and efficient code, on time.

I've also gave some talks over the years, mostly about Lua related matters.

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