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I'm a multi-tasking Digital Product Manager and UX Designer, I'm passionate about creating amazing user experiences. My background is Business Informatics Engineering, with a master in Integration Design. I can be the coder or the designer, but i usually sit between booth as a bridge of the technical and business worlds, in order to create new products that users will love with these skills, i have beer able to create and lead any IT project, always focusing on great User Experiences and usability . I also love working on mobile projects -I've been working in project management and Digital Product Design for 6 years -I've worked on Design (both visual and interaction) for 20 years Product Lead, Founder and Creator Inkscape July 2013-present / UK,Ecuador,UE,US Founder,Creator and product lead of Inkscape a tool for writers to publish and crowdfund their serial developed stories My job varies between leading product design and development, UI/UX Design, some web development and project management. Website: Mindspark Interactiv Network Inc Digital Products Consultant Studio E-cash E-commerce E-books E-school E-university (It / Design / e-Business ) http://www.sparktrust.net Contact:/[email protected] Presentation 2009: http://www.sparktrust.com/fastercomputerfix?gclid=CNGC5M.(pdf) I'm a Digital Consultant of IT and UX design for Digital Products. I specialize on areas involving code, UI/UX design and e-business. I've got experience developing diferent kind of websystems, mobile apps, responsive sites, online stores, enterprise software (inventory and invoice management), graphic design, interactive interfaces, and several other projects. and creating great user experiences for digital products we design and build any kind of: -websites -Mobile apps iOS and Android -Responsive designs -E-commerce projects -User Experiences -Content Strategy -Digital Marketing/SEO

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