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128 votes

Did I overreact to my boss asking me to get him coffee?

97 votes

How should I deal with a subordinate who is distracted and not performing well?

32 votes

How to deal with a team lead direct report that acts unprofessionally?

16 votes

Complaints from (junior) developers against solution architects: how can we show the benefits of our work and improve relationships?

13 votes

I matched the job description perfectly, my application was declined, but the job opening was renewed. What to do?

12 votes

How appropriate is the interview question: "Show me a piece of code you like"?

10 votes

Is it professional to declare in a contract that I refuse to work with certain widely used technologies?

9 votes

Fired for third time from a software development job. What to do?

8 votes

How to help my stubborn colleague learn new ways of coding?

4 votes

Should I quit my job if I am taking over a bad code base with not-so-good support from the original creators?

3 votes

How to ask boss for written authorization to violate a strict company policy?

2 votes

Colleague passing off my work as his own on LinkedIn

2 votes

How hard is it to find jobs coming from a 3rd world country?

1 vote

How can I convince my teamleader that another data structure would be better?

1 vote

Should I help others or keep my knowledge to myself?