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44 votes

Why would a resigning employee be immediately escorted out?

39 votes

I just started my first real job, and have been asked to organize the office party. How do I handle this?

23 votes

Is there a diplomatic way to explain to a manager that they're pushing without any leverage?

18 votes

Is it appropriate to give a culturally-traditional gift to a female coworker?

17 votes

Is it off-putting [in America] to catch a coworker getting up from his seat to ask a question?

12 votes

Should I end messages in a ticket system with a friendly greeting?

6 votes

Will my job offer be withdrawn/rescinded after background check?

4 votes

What are the possible downsides of answering an "anonymous" employee survey truthfully?

3 votes

Should I be earning a new job title or a raise for training an intern?

2 votes

Feeling overwhelmed at work

2 votes

Why are salaries typically not public knowledge?

2 votes

Can your employer refuse a raise solely based on your age?

2 votes

Should I point out that a tool update will break our builds in the future?

1 vote

Is there a professional way to deal with brain fog?

0 votes

Should I include Cover Letter if not asked

0 votes

How can I be civil with my highly opinionated colleague at my new job?

-1 votes

Local IT group conflicts with Corporate IT