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296 votes

Is it acceptable to do a security test on a company's open WiFi before an interview?

99 votes

How can a shift manager discipline an employee when that employee is the owner's daughter?

87 votes

My employer is demanding that I change my lifestyle

85 votes

Could producing a grave bug that made headlines make you unemployable?

85 votes

How can I regain a professional atmosphere with someone who may have seen me misbehave?

74 votes

How do I regain managerial control of my "self-organizing" team?

66 votes

Family emergency and I can't attend work tomorrow morning

65 votes

Some candidate showed up an hour before the interview

44 votes

How to deal with an intern's lack of basic skills?

38 votes

How do I greet someone when bowing is the default greeting but I'm unable to bow?

37 votes

Should I join a company if its reviews on glassdoor etc are not very good?

36 votes

Senior developer is discreetly remoting in to the computer and watching a coworker

28 votes

Departing senior engineer refuses to introduce replacement to open source community/peers

26 votes

Disciplining engineer who embarrased senior engineer

25 votes

Disciplining hard-working but insubordinate engineer or his superior?

24 votes

Is it wrong to peek at a colleague's paycheck?

24 votes

Should we tell a client about a possible scam pertaining to a document we weren't supposed to read?

21 votes

Is it okay to work on personal projects outside of work?

18 votes

If a babysitter arrives before the agreed time, should we pay extra?

18 votes

How to respectfully flirt with an intern?

17 votes

What is the correct way to approach the request that "new developers should not be able to access the codebase"

15 votes

How do I communicate my peer's incompetence to our manager?

14 votes

I forked a coworkers code without asking and made it my own. Should I have asked first?

13 votes

Communicating to employer that commitment-/retention-agreement is legally void

13 votes

Should I disclose that I can still access a company's systems after I've left?

12 votes

What is the impact on health of travelling internationally for 50-70% of the time?

12 votes

How to deal with an outsider who perceives a culture problem on our team?

12 votes

Subordinate doesn't want to report sexual misconduct to HR. How should a manager handle this?

11 votes

My current job follows "worst practices". How can I talk about my experience in an interview without giving off red flags?

11 votes

How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

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