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David Patrick Donohue
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I'm relatively new to the programming/web development world. After starting out taking advantage of various free online coding schools and tutorials, I enrolled in LEARN Academy's web development boot camp, a 16-week program from 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday. The first 12 weeks are spent in class every day where the teach the fundamentals of web development: HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ruby, Rails and SQL/PostgreSQL while including API design with JSON and AJAX. Those 12 weeks ended with a group project, where we built a live functional web app from the scratch using the agile methodology SDLC. The final 4 weeks of the 16-week program was an internship with a local tech company where we got to put everything we learned to work in the real world. That just ended a couple weeks ago and now I'm doing the job hunt thing. Additionally, while going through the full-stack ruby boot camp, I began teaching myself Python, which I've thoroughly enjoyed.

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