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Python, mostly Django but not exclusively. 15+ years in the trade with experience across the stack and open to new opportunities.

  • 15+ years experience in development
  • 10y+ Python, 15y PHP, 20y Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • 10y+ Linux
  • 5+ years Project management (enterprise, freelance, teams)
  • 5y+ on Django (primary framework)
  • Relational DB focused (MySQL, PGSQL), some NoSQL experience
  • 3+ years Silicon Alley start-ups (NYC)
  • API consume/create
  • Docker, dev-ops, and supporting technology
  • AWS yes but the ecosystem is big
  • (ad) Agency and Enterprise experience
  • Queue systems (Redis, RabbitMQ) including Celery

Some areas of interest and where my experience is focused

  • E-commerce, considerable Shopify API experience
  • HIPAA development
  • METRC certified
  • Brownfield, rescue, and rebuild
  • Bots/chat (Slack, automation, integration)
  • Feature development
  • Technical due diligence
  • ASIO
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