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Candidate talks over me during interview
-1 votes

While I understand that it's weird that a junior guy interviews a senior one No it's not. I read that it's happening at large companies which hires various aspects of experience all the time. I ...

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How can I ask my employer to *quickly* make me an offer?
-1 votes

You will start with an entry level position, which means they will most likely come to you with the "standart offer" of the company. So the best advice you can get on this is, either ask your boss ...

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6 answers
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Made a mistake in accepting interview invitation, should I cancel?
-1 votes

I strongly suggest you to not to cancel the appointment and be there on time. Cancelling the appointment is the adult thing to do, of course. However, you can't be certain if the HR department of the ...

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Coworker CCs boss on trivial email correspondence
-2 votes

CC'ing manager to all your emails is a common practice and completely normal. Although we don't realize it, all emails are serious business letters, and should be sent to boss's attention. Plus ...

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Why would a resigning employee be immediately escorted out?
-2 votes

No matter how friendly the workplaces are for today's homo sapiens, at the end it's still a jungle you hunt for food. So yes, as soon as your agreement ends, you will be escorted by your boss or even ...

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How can I give a friend critical advice on her terrible resume?
-2 votes

One more to thing add to all good answers above: It's a certain possibility that your friend doesn't want the job in the first place. It's more than a social problem rather than professional, but if ...

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Hiring manager asked me not to accept other offers but isn't extending a verbal confirmation, let alone a formal offer
-8 votes

I strongly suggest you to wait. "Do not to accept any job offer" is the best thing you can get from a hiring manager, which means "You got the job, but there are paperwork to be done and I don't ...

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