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40 votes

How do I tell my boss I successfully did something they asked not to bother trying?

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How do unlimited vacation days work?

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How to handle interns' unprofessional behavior?

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How do I prevent colleagues from making fun of the length of my password?

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Etiquette for dealing with people looking at your screen

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Should I follow up with an employee I believe overreacted to a mistake I made?

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How do I avoid giving up my password to coworkers?

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How to properly respond to boss asking for a recommendation / opinion on hardware to purchase

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How to tell client about having missed their deadline?

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How should I deal with my team member who shows extreme jealousy?

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What's the politest way of writing when you have not received a reply?

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Receptionist at work keeps delaying promises

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How do I get my coworkers to not touch my computer screen?

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Did I make a mistake by ccing email to boss to others?

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How can I tell a coworker to stop making awkward sexual jokes?

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How to not talk about a previous job in an interview

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What can I do about a malicious previous employer giving bad references?

1 vote

Multiple DUI convictions 12 years ago. Do I disclose if I know they will do a background check?

-1 votes

When sending a follow up email, is it appropriate to CC the recipient's boss?

-2 votes

Not been paid even after reminding the Treasurer; what should I do?

-2 votes

How to get a raise that's been denied because of sick leave?

-4 votes

Manager is asking me to eat breakfast from now on