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27 votes

Should a staff canteen allow using their cutlery without buying food?

25 votes

I announced my resignation . . . and was completely ignored. What to do?

10 votes

Employees very mad over free lunch choice

4 votes

I'm working remote and company may want to change that

2 votes

What can I do to avoid potential charges for bribery?

2 votes

Do some businesses quantify the cost of a conversation?

2 votes

Should I notify the new company to use my preferred name in the on-boarding process?

2 votes

What are the circumstances when "ignoring company politics" is actually good advice?

1 vote

Management is pushing 'pairing' on non-programming related tasks. Is this a correct use of pairing?

0 votes

How can I get my co-workers to have conversations with me in their native language instead of English?

-1 votes

Should I ask my company to pay my internet bill if circumstances and the company strongly recommend remote work?