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Richard A. Allcorn, aka "Rich Allcorn", is one of those people who remembers much of what he learns, giving him an edge in many situations! He can walk into a situation, devoid of the needed training, and accomplish the needed tasks with excellence. He learns and goes way beyond just the learning, reaching for the understanding, which places him in situations to apply this knowledge in ways that others fall short. With that knowledge, he will explore the limits and test the envelope and scope of possibilities in a particular scenario or product line.

His computer expertise of 23+ years is extensive in the areas of UNIX/LINUX, Mac OSx, and Windows. He is very comfortable in working with Internet and LAN/WAN domains, cloud resources, virtual devices, and in-house and remote networking and dial-up/VPN. An active student of LDAP, NFS, Samba, UUCP, NIS, MySQL, address book and contact data formats, email and messaging systems, to name a few, Richard excels in providing seemingly seamless connectivity and operability between UNIX, LINUX, Mac OSx and Windows systems, across the 4 major OS's in use today, using various online resources (cloud) and virtual networking, to interface these into one functional interconnected system.

Rich specializes as a data management specialist, a domain/website engineer/admin, a virtual systems, services and networking engineer, and a writer, and as his friends say, "He works out on the GRID".

Recently, he has taken up commercial driving, and has earned his full "CDL Class AM* License" with the endorsements of just about everything! (endorsements: NTX) He has passed the tests for passenger and school bus, and is working to get an appointment to do the driving test for these as well.

*NOTE: Class M = motorcycle also

With the high competition in the Austin Texas area, he found it was easier to earn top $$$ driving while considering other IT positions. Hey, it's a Jerry McGuire thing, "Show me the money!"

He loves driving, and plans to add a shortwave to his rig for those long hauls on the road. He also uses CB to talk to other truckers, a GMRS rig (ch21 code 7), and a 2M/70cm rig (446.000/146.520).

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