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48 votes

Offered 50% pay cut or redundancy due to coronavirus. What are my options?

17 votes

Employee’s wife drunkenly berates me (employer) during office party, how to approach employee (husband)?

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Is it a good deal to receive a raise to replace paid overtime?

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I find myself assigning blame and I don't want to

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Can I be fired the same day that I hand in my notice?

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How can I negotiate remote work due to my phobia

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How to deal with co-worker who promises a lot, but does not deliver?

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How to tell manager that some team members should just stick to fixing small bugs?

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Reimbursing travel costs for interview over

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Asking my current employer about the implications of leaving

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Is it legal/fair to have probationary period in redundancy role reapplication scenario?

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Should I give feedback to a company on their poor job description?

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Ask For Raise / Promotion Before Leaving?

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Is this contract requiring me to repay training costs enforceable?

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Confidentiality broken?? Major UK employer

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I found out the "default salary" for a position is higher than the offer I accepted. Should I feel cheated?

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Salary, hours no new contract?

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Longer than contractual notice period