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315 votes

How to professionally acknowledge to a client that a former coworker made a mistake in production?

189 votes

Approach sick days in feedback meeting

182 votes

How can I politely work my way around not liking coffee or beer when it comes to professional networking?

181 votes

Is it reasonable to apologise on behalf of my department for a mistake when I don't feel I should?

170 votes

Reasons someone would avoid working on career growth

160 votes

Our top dev doesn't want new challenges

160 votes

CEO says not to expect pay increases unless you do something really exceptional. Is this counter-productive?

159 votes

Intentional company falsehood in job description causing tension with boss

158 votes

Retiring employee is reluctant to share knowledge

153 votes

How do I tell my boss I've accidentally been working halftime on the wrong project for the past year?

152 votes

What reason should I give for no longer wanting to work for my company?

129 votes

Senior engineer mispronounces words and misuses idioms/phrases

128 votes

Negotiate a salary after signing a job offer

127 votes

Company wants me to apply for my own corporate credit card - is this normal?

107 votes

I've decided to leave my job entirely over ergonomic reasons. How honest should I be at the exit interview?

107 votes

Should I inform my future product owner that there is a good chance that a team member will leave the company soon?

107 votes

Should I send an email to African American colleagues given a recent nearby targeted crime?

106 votes

Declined a recruiter yesterday. Got informed today that we are getting laid off. Can I go back to the recruiter?

93 votes

Not been paid even after reminding the Treasurer; what should I do?

92 votes

Is it ethical and do you bill hours when there is a severe lack of timely access from the client?

90 votes

Told to record my own hours

89 votes

Interviewing for position looking to hire immediately. Would be nice to give current employer 2 weeks notice but just as a courtesy

78 votes

Is it unprofessional to add a Stallman-like "you won't find me on Facebook" to my resume?

76 votes

Make it mandatory to turn camera on in video meetings at work?

70 votes

Is it rude to tell recruiters I would only change jobs for a better salary?

70 votes

Is it ethical to apply directly for a job after a recruiter declines to submit you for the role?

69 votes

Client constantly submits tickets; how can support deal with this?

68 votes

Employer telling colleagues I'm "sabotaging teams" when I resigned: how to address colleagues before I leave?

58 votes

Is my employer paying me fairly? Going from 1099 to W2

57 votes

How can I take an interview while at a job that tries to prevent interviewing?

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