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Dilemma of explaining to interviewer that he is the reason for declining second interview
49 votes

Let's reverse the roles, and say theoretically you said something in an interview that rubbed the hiring manager the wrong way. Would you expect the company to explain to you exactly what you did ...

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Can I criticise the more senior developers around me for not writing clean code?
20 votes

30 year software development professional here. Perhaps some insight I've gleaned might be of help. Don't sh*t where you sleep. Everyone thinks everyone else's code is crap. This is a pretty natural ...

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Had an accident that makes me use crutches. Will that affect my new job?
17 votes

I've gone to work as a software engineer on crutches for a few months due to a sports injury. You'll feel very self-conscious about it, and that's natural. I'm guessing that's probably a large part of ...

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Appropriate to ask a recruiter to go back and negotiate salary again?
13 votes

Remember that the recruiter doesn't really work for you. They get a commission from the employer when you get hired. Their vested interest is in getting you to accept the company's offer. Sure, a ...

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Trainee in tears: One Trainee gets special treatment over another trainee
9 votes

First off, I'm agreeing with all the answers saying you shouldn't be intervening specifically on "Alice"s behalf. In a lot of these situations, the person is really just looking for a sympathetic ear, ...

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Should I ask for a raise one month before the end of an internship?
7 votes

A real employee should certainly expect a real employee salary for doing that kind of work. So it seems like you think you ought to get something like that not for your own financial gain, but out of ...

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Should I follow up with an employee I believe overreacted to a mistake I made?
5 votes

Berating someone when they did nothing wrong creates in their head a work environment going forward where they can expect to be subjected to that treatment in a completely capricious manner. Apology ...

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Co-worker is now managing my team. Does this mean that I'm being demoted?
4 votes

Don't disagree with any of the answers, but I do have some perspective, as this same thing actually happened to me once. At the time my entire group was 3 engineers, with something crazy like 4 empty ...

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How to handle interns' unprofessional behavior?
2 votes

As a professional for almost 30 years now, I'd say the high-rated answers mostly have it right. However, as a professional software developer for almost 30 years now, I'll say that coding guidelines ...

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How can I reply to coworkers who accuse me of automating people out of work?
1 votes

If you are really interested in answering that charge in one-on-one interactions, perhaps you're willing to research if there's any truth to it? Why exactly is this particular automation project a ...

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How to thank an employee for working extra hours without making him feel pressured
1 votes

I'd highly suggest a physical award of some kind. Something that can be displayed in the employee's cubicle. Most largish companies have some kind of employee recognition award. I have 3 of those (...

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Is it considered non-commercial usage, to use tools solely for internal work?
1 votes

What's legal use depends entirely on the specific license. So there's no way this question can be answered without looking at that. If the license isn't something you've encountered before or ...

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What would be the downsides of having a “you break it, you fix it” policy in the dev team with the goal of reducing bugs?
0 votes

If someone drives your car into a ditch, are they really the right person to trust to get it out? Lets suppose for a minute that management is right, and for some reason the developers on this one ...

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