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348 votes

How to tell a superior I won't be able to complete a task because I am going to quit in a month

324 votes

What's the most polite way to tell a manager "shut up and let me work"?

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How to respond to request to use a first name?

241 votes

HR trying to sabotage my wife's work because we're married

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About to give in my notice, but suddenly got a raise. Will it reflect poorly on me if I still decide to leave?

217 votes

How can I communicate to my employer the urgency of a raise request?

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Is it my responsibility to learn a new technology in my own time my employer wants to implement?

195 votes

Top developer doing more home office than allowed

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Employees unhappy with change of workplace to an inconvenient location

192 votes

Might have gotten a coworker sick, should I address this?

192 votes

Pregnant teacher forced to work outside in high heat

190 votes

Member of the board asks for admin access and wants non-compliant device on the network

189 votes

I was promised a work PC, but I am still awaiting approval 3 months later so am using my own laptop - is it fair to ask employer for laptop insurance?

174 votes

Lied on resume about obtaining a Bachelor degree

167 votes

Company did not petition for visa in a timely manner. Is asking me to work from overseas, but wants me to take a paycut

154 votes

My new job came with a pay raise that is being rescinded

147 votes

As an interviewer, how to conduct interviews with candidates you already know will be rejected?

146 votes

Should my manager be aware of private LinkedIn approaches I receive? How to politely have this happen?

143 votes

How should you gracefully leave a company you helped start?

143 votes

Is it unprofessional to ask to use company laptop for personal uses?

141 votes

Ramifications of not inviting a teammate I don't like to my personal function

139 votes

Sending a photo of my bank account card to the future employer

139 votes

I've discovered my employer is hiring for the (senior) position I want. How do I proceed?

138 votes

Should a technical interviewer read the resume/CV?

135 votes

Team member is vehemently against code formatting

125 votes

Is it appropriate to give a culturally-traditional gift to a female coworker?

120 votes

I have a problematic assistant manager, but I can't fire him

120 votes

How to ask my manager if I am about to be fired?

118 votes

Is it ok to accept the proposal to work from home?

112 votes

Communicating effectively with a former director who is now a member of my team

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