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364 votes

How to gently enforce "nohello" to a coworker?

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My previous employer has asked me to fix a bug in code that I wrote for them

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New coworker has strange workplace requirements - how should I deal with them?

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I was reported to HR as being a satan worshiper

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Is it okay to write non-offensive humor into meeting minutes?

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Where are the safest places to embellish a resume? I kinda slacked during college and now need to get a new grad job?

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How do I tell my boss he is being extremely rude?

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Etiquette related to stiffing poorly performing staff on Christmas gift after precedent was set last year

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Disciplining hard-working but insubordinate engineer or his superior?

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Taking headphones when quitting job

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Co-worker tells me he cannot keep up

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Unknowingly dated relative of office coworker

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Should i switch between similar programming languages