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222 votes

When working remote due to COVID-19, should we communicate in writing or using video?

62 votes

How do people work the same job for several years? I am 7 months into my 2nd job and already bored

49 votes

How do we recruit junior software developers in an age where everybody studies for the interview?

29 votes

How can I get my engineers to accept being on call?

27 votes

My manager has decided to continue work on a project cancelled by the CEO

17 votes

Why was my interviewer surprised the interview was short?

15 votes

Is it ok to use an employers laptop and software licencing for side freelancing work?

13 votes

How To Keep People From Talking Over Each Other In A Videoconference?

13 votes

What is interviewer looking for when asking about past technical projects?

10 votes

Do employers (in Germany) ask for proof of work?

5 votes

When, if ever, does it make sense for a software developer to have a blog only for the purpose of getting jobs?

5 votes

Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

4 votes

How do you deal with the emotions of not being the one to find the cause of a bug?

4 votes

When I need to constructively criticize someone's code, what can I do to "soften the blow" and increase the impact at the same time?

3 votes

Why do some companies only consider local applicants?

3 votes

Should I highlight mistakes in an email

2 votes

How to interpret advertised salary range (at UK startup)?

1 vote

What are AWS requirements for Senior Software Engineers?

0 votes

Is it normal for the job title in the offer to be completely different from the actual job title on the contract?