Grumpy old developer with experience in C, C++, Java, .NET languages and any number of scripting type languages (Perl, Awk, PHP, Tcl, Python, Sh, ...)

On Unix (Linux, HP-UX, SunOs, Solaris, DEC, AIX etc) and Windows.

I know enough HTML CSS and JavaScript to be dangerous including some Bootstrap and React.

I can get stuff into and out of relational and noSQL databases (Mongo) through code I write programs or command line tools.

Comfortable with multi process / multi threaded systems (including shared resources)

I've even done some X11, assembly, pascal and cobol many years ago, but don't tell anyone about that...


Grumpy rant for the day

It's not working

How are we supposed to help? For all we know the program is supposed to crash and so it's working fine. It's supposed to print the sum of two numbers? You didn't mention that and there aren't two numbers in the snippet you posted...

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