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128 votes

Coworker keeps opening blind which makes it difficult to see my screen

69 votes

Dealing with an employee that went over my head

34 votes

How to turn down interview offers when there are too many of them?

16 votes

How to not appear uninterested in an interview

14 votes

What's worse? "To whom it may concern" or "To <wrong name>" on cover letter

13 votes

My colleague keeps getting static shocked at work

9 votes

Dealing with the unexpected death of an employee

7 votes

Co-worker lies about the time he works

6 votes

Should I take a copy of my reference(s) to an interview?

5 votes

How should I deal with a subordinate who keeps complaining that others in the company give him no credit for his work?

5 votes

Should I expect my workplace to be flexible for me if I’m willing to be flexible for them?

5 votes

Specialist roles killing my ability to leave

4 votes

Is it professional to leave a meeting early if attendees are late and it runs over work hours?

4 votes

How can I convince my boss to pay for a productivity tool?

3 votes

I have two job offers - one verbal and one written

2 votes

Bringing sick child to work

2 votes

How do I ask my manager about switching out of my current team?

2 votes

Manager offering annual leave I don’t think I’m due

2 votes

What guarantees that you have been officially offered a job abroad?

2 votes

How to politely ask colleagues to converse somewhere else?

1 vote

Should I tell my boss I'm starting graduate school?

0 votes

Replying to a recruiter pitch when short of time?