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Failed online test for job application, want to request retake
6 votes

Yes, if… For the sake of balancing other answers, I would highlight in which circumstances it would be OK to ask for a re-take (and detail a bit more Dukeling's comment). Indeed, I think it's alright ...

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Applying for a job I don't really want, at a company I like as an "in"?
4 votes

Opinionated answer: don't. Even if it's in a company you (think you'd) like, you don't want to bother doing a job you don't like. It's not (only) about "life is short", etc. Doing a job you really ...

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I’m 38 and still no career. Times, running out. Please give advice
2 votes

First of all, it is great that you are seeking help! On top of advice given by DigitalBlade969, I'd recommend starting low and climb the ladder little by little, at your own pace. It's not a shame ...

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