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253 votes

Why is working on the same position for more than 15 years not a red flag?

248 votes

Salary discussion with manager and his counter argument that I am well paid

217 votes

How do I tell management that I can't work with my spouse anymore?

168 votes

How to professionally tell my boss to not contact me during my holidays?

163 votes

Is it obligatory to make small talk with your colleagues?

123 votes

What is the normal rate of turnover among developers and does it impact productivity?

116 votes

How to handle "company strategy trip" that is actually a vacation trip?

115 votes

My manager asked me to hide project costs. Is it unethical for me to comply?

81 votes

Under performing employee will be fired if I ask for him off my team

76 votes

Our product is ruining users privacy, without telling them

61 votes

Is it reasonable for me to complain about an objectionable newspaper being ordered for the office?

59 votes

If you go above and beyond, can you "downgrade" your work to what you are actually paid for?

56 votes

Potential employer wants me to list helpful books on programming I've read, but I haven't read any in years

52 votes

Stop doing tasks outside of my Job Title

52 votes

Internship that pays expenses only, not receiving their expenses? What can I do?

47 votes

A new coworker is working too much and management doesn't understand it's neither normal nor healthy, what can I do?

47 votes

How to politely write 'I work best when working alone' in a CV

46 votes

Company is playing psychological mind games with interviewees. Is this ethical? Should I report this to someone?

43 votes

Is it unprofessional to use Google Docs to create a resume?

40 votes

Can I ask my admin to wipe my profile when I leave?

38 votes

Should I use my own device just because my employer doesn't provide one?

34 votes

How can I recover from unprofessional communication?

32 votes

Ways to respond when HR says your market salary range research isn't correct?

32 votes

Dealing with an employer who refuses days off

29 votes

Is there anything better I can say to coworkers after taking a day off for mental health, when they ask?

29 votes

My management blocked my internal transfer, but now I have an outside offer. Should I tell them?

26 votes

Is it an ethics/discrimination issue to not support a persons request outside of my responsibilities

25 votes

How do I tell an executive that I am an engineer not an admin

24 votes

Went home sick (jetlag from holiday) first day of work. How can I limit the damage?

23 votes

Manager put hands on me for a joke, left marks on body

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