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A software development professional with a focus on testing - the art of having relevant on-time information about the product.  I am passionate about building new things but also about finding out how well do they work. During my career, I was • Working closely side by side with developers, bringing tests and testability into the product early in design stages, providing shorter feedback loops and helping get a better system view of the product. • Building trustable reports of the product's quality by using it the way users expect to and ways they never intended to, getting the data to back it up then use a wider system view to combine it all into meaningful results. • Mentoring and inspiring others to o Blend quality in starting from the design phase and through development o Help testers be equal and respected members of any development teams. • Testing on a multitude of embedded, mobile, desktop and enterprise products and operating systems. • Holding an ISTQB foundation certificate, and past member of the Israeli advisory board ITCB. Trying to make the tester

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