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356 votes

Is it unprofessional to mention your cover letter and resume are best viewed in Chrome?

197 votes

Is it appropriate to breastfeed my baby during a conference call (voice only), and how do I mention her noises?

184 votes

Is it reasonable to decline to interview a candidate that is not dressed for an interview?

163 votes

Coworker watches content on his phone all day

150 votes

How do I tell my boss I successfully did something they asked not to bother trying?

137 votes

Had an accident that makes me use crutches. Will that affect my new job?

133 votes

How long to wait to express gratitude to ex manager after they are unexpectedly fired?

123 votes

Employer demanding to see degree after poor code review

120 votes

Manager told a colleague of mine I was getting fired soon

119 votes

What if a company contacts you around your recruiter?

119 votes

How should I deal with coworkers who don't want to engage in small talk?

117 votes

Is "I missed open enrollment" a reasonable explanation for why I'm leaving a job?

113 votes

Is it poor workplace etiquette to display signs of relative "wealth" at work when others are struggling financially?

106 votes

How should I deal with an employee who is stealing from the cash counter?

106 votes

Former manager who left company is asking for documentation I prepared as his direct report

103 votes

Should I recommend a fired colleague?

101 votes

How to deal with an incendiary email that was recalled

101 votes

How do you respond to (negative) interview feedback?

95 votes

How to make sure I'm assertive enough in contact with subordinates?

90 votes

Are there any Computer Engineering/Science jobs that don't require programming ALL day

89 votes

Intern not wearing safety equipment; how could I have handled this differently?

88 votes

Is it ok to use informal contractions (wanna, gotta, kinda) in an interview?

81 votes

Underpaying employer trying to get me to extend notice period; should I just give excessive notice in hopes they'll pay severance?

78 votes

How to not burn bridges when rejecting an offer after I said I was ok with it?

72 votes

Contacting a sick employee to ask for confirmation on an event

71 votes

Is it unprofessional to accuse someone of being "snarky" in a work chat?

57 votes

How to handle an injury that happened outside the workplace?

55 votes

Manager wants to completely avoid any overtime work. How can I adapt to this change?

52 votes

Extremely rude follow-up email from CEO

52 votes

Assigned to a buggy, failing project days before it is due

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