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What is a No Dues Form in India?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Your assumption is on the right track. A no-dues form, duly signed by the employee as well some of the people they have worked with, is confirmation that they employee has handed over all company ...

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Going back to industry after teaching + research in academia - which salary figures to use?
3 votes

Allow me to paraphrase what a close family friend told me, after I returned to tech from the field of education, where I spent two years after working for a tech startup, "If you are returning to ...

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Listing travel experiences on a resume
2 votes

That's what the interview is for. Make it interesting. Talk about your passions and your long terms plans and all the awesome stuff in your life then. The resume should only contain the bare minimum ...

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How do I represent a buy out of my team on my resume?
-1 votes

It depends. Here are two ways to proceed out of many possibilities out there: The moment you changed companies (or the parties that were responsible for your payment changed), your experience with ...

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Contract Employee - They want me to stay but I want to resign
-2 votes

1. This is your first job and you are getting used to the world. Therefore, you might be feeling the growing pains of being thrown into the corporate world. It has only been 6 months and you are ...

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