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609 votes

Was it really unprofessional of me to leave without asking for a raise first?

251 votes

Should I count the hours that I wait for my code to run?

142 votes

I found out the "default salary" for a position is higher than the offer I accepted. Should I feel cheated?

130 votes

Coworker watches content on his phone all day

110 votes

Is it ethical to use knowledge in main job for side gig?

102 votes

Got let go with 2 weeks notice being asked to share ideas and strategies for company

97 votes

How can I get my engineers to accept being on call?

94 votes

Dealing with hard questions during a software developer interview

94 votes

How acceptable is it to openly compare team member performances

75 votes

How to convince new employee to stop trying to change our office culture on profanity

57 votes

Asking for higher salary after I increased my initial figure

52 votes

Betrayed by management at a new job, should I take action?

44 votes

Future colleague has infantile and vaguely inappropriate websites

38 votes

Should I tell a fellow intern that he won't be hired?

38 votes

New (to the company) manager told me to delay a task with a firm schedule; I disobeyed. How should I have handled it?

34 votes

I encountered my boss during an on-site interview at another company. Should I bring it up when seeing him next time?

32 votes

Trying to quit smoking but co-workers want me to start again due to me being more irritable

29 votes

Pass on medical information about a job new applicant?

27 votes

How to handle (one's own) old self-harm scars (on the arm), in a work environment?

26 votes

How can I argue against the idea of working overtime to fix bugs (constantly)?

25 votes

My new job doesn't have work life balance

25 votes

Offensive language/behavior from co-worker in online game

23 votes

Woman in friend circle telling people I "should be fired"

22 votes

Injured outside of work and worried about performance

20 votes

How should one approach a coworker's wardrobe malfunction?

18 votes

How to apologize for sending wrong phone number?

17 votes

Do "Work From Home" jobs become overbearing?

17 votes

How do I handle an interviewer trying to trip me up?

15 votes

Late for work because of trains

14 votes

Does a career change mean I would have to take a pay cut?

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