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Why is it important to gain "visibility" in the workplace?
2 votes

I would interpret your boss request as one or more of these things: Your boss thinks you're not a self-starter. He may think you need to actively tackle issues without having to be asked. If so, ...

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Tell me something about [X] that I don't know
1 votes

You can answer by turning your answer into a question. I'd do it like this: Tell him that you expect interviews to a great extent consist of micro-experiments, trial runs at observing what you'd do ...

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Dealing with being horrible at interviews
1 votes

I don't think the solution goes through presenting yourself like someone other than you are. The solution goes through presenting yourself just as you are, and showing this isn't an impediment to ...

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What to do about unethical or possibly illegal behavior at work?
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Since you in the first instance appear to want to follow the letter of the law, no matter who wrote it or who benefits, the answer to your question is on your own employment contract. Retrieve the ...

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