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215 votes

Getting deadlines pushed up for Manager/CEO's "Excitement"

152 votes

What is the correct way to approach the request that "new developers should not be able to access the codebase"

130 votes

Boss wants me to ignore a software API license

75 votes

How can I highlight how much better I've made our code and deal with a coworker that disagrees?

66 votes

Is it unethical/unprofessional to keep a record of quotes from my colleague's outbursts?

60 votes

Discovered developer doing Leetcode puzzles when he should be working

58 votes

My colleague treats me like he's my boss, yet we're on the same level

57 votes

What to do when a sick employee doesn't respond to communications, and has important data?

51 votes

“You are not paid to think, but to do X” is always wrong in the workplace?

49 votes

Last employer continues to pay me

46 votes

Is my employer allowed to access my office emails without my knowledge/permission?

44 votes

Sending a photo of my bank account card to the future employer

42 votes

Is it considered non-commercial usage, to use tools solely for internal work?

26 votes

How to answer pointed "are you quitting" questioning when I don't want them to suspect

23 votes

Performance review based on leave days

20 votes

How can I recover my reputation and trust after snapping at my boss?

20 votes

Ensuring employees don't leak code or data

19 votes

Anonymous coworker brought in food in a rusty container affecting my reputation. How should I react?

19 votes

Management Not Responding To My Resignation

18 votes

Accused of racism for refusing to name room after foreign name that sounds like an offensive phrase

18 votes

Coworker is trying to get me to sign his petition to run for office. How to decline politely?

17 votes

Employee wants to bring in his dog for a kids event

17 votes

How should I approach asking to have a lock put on my storage cabinet under my desk?

17 votes

Is an installation of Adobe Photoshop on a personal computer a reasonable grounds for immediate termination?

17 votes

Fired for doing disallowed web searches; how can I show it was outside my control?

15 votes

Can I take any recourse after being told to take down ' Xinjiang "Reeducation" Camps ' as my location?

14 votes

Headhunted for a role in a Competing Company

14 votes

How to let the office know the use of open SSH server

13 votes

Manager told me to give training to other employees. Does this mean that he can fire me?

13 votes

Colleague is not competent but gets away with it

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