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112 votes

General Manager avoids signing agreement and is never present

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Was it really inappropriate to write a pull request for the company I interviewed with?

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What to make of bizarre off-topic questions during job interview

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How to approach applying for a job at a company owned by a friend?

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Meeting people (a friend) during remote work day

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I felt mistreated during the interview. How should I proceed?

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How do we evaluate a candidate who would not speak to any women during the interview process?

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Can my boss sue me for handing in my notice

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When is it acceptable for a subordinate to earn more than a manager?

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Recovering from an embarrassing misunderstanding about "New Mom's Rooms"

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I prepared my CV in LaTeX and exported it to PDF. How to deal with a recruiter who insists on CV in Word format?

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Should I charge my client the agreed amount for the difficult tasks that I have solved by accident within few minutes?

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How to handle phone calls when I've lost my voice?

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Reasoning not to hire based on pregnancy or other medical condition

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How should I respond to absurd observations from customers during software product demos?

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Interns I'm training don't care and it affects my performance

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Is it okay for my boss to answer my personal and/or work cell without permission?

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Can HR/Boss Require Your Username and Password?

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Could producing a grave bug that made headlines make you unemployable?

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Verbal offer was for permanent full-time, but letter says short-term

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Best way to react to refusal to honour an unofficial agreement on sick pay?

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The consultancy company that offered me a job has delayed my start date twice (by a total of 12 weeks so far)

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My boss gave me an end date for my job- but he wants a very complex project done before then

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My management blocked my internal transfer, but now I have an outside offer. Should I tell them?

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Have resigned, but regret it dearly

3 votes

How should I offer corrections on English for coworkers who are not native speakers?

3 votes

Casual attire for an interview (Games developer)

3 votes

Company offering me the same job again just 10 days after rejecting me in final VP round

3 votes

How can I say how many years without being specific in my CV

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Should I buy shares of the start-up I'm working for as an intern?