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-1 votes

Dealing with "Why didn't you do it some other way?" questions

-4 votes

How should I deal with a subordinate who is distracted and not performing well?

-1 votes

My boss says I lack communication skills. What does this mean and what should I do?

96 votes

How can I reply to coworkers who accuse me of automating people out of work?

3 votes

How do I tell my supervisor that he is choosing poor replacements for me while I am on maternity leave?

2 votes

Humiliated in front of employees

6 votes

Do I need to be arrogant to get ahead?

0 votes

Confessions of an incompetent worker. How to cope with colleagues hating me and failing in self improvement?

-5 votes

Dealing with attraction to my boss

0 votes

Salaried Employee Being Dinged For Tardiness

52 votes

Top developer doing more home office than allowed

-4 votes

Is it inappropriate to help an employee outside of work?

8 votes

How can I convince my manager that we need to reduce technical debt?

15 votes

Is staying in the first job for a long time (>2 yrs) a bad thing?

3 votes

A new coworker is working too much and management doesn't understand it's neither normal nor healthy, what can I do?

0 votes

How can I work with a client who gives ambiguous directions but refuses to clarify--and is just more adamant that I follow his instructions?

-1 votes

How to quit a job after we agreed to an arrangement

4 votes

How to handle manager when handing in my notice after lying about not looking for a new job