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159 votes

Top developer doing more home office than allowed

116 votes

Is it a bad idea to hand deliver my CV to a company on spec?

109 votes

How to handle colleagues who are unwilling to write a bug report?

100 votes

Extracting work from people who are on PIPs but who we also cannot fire?

74 votes

Person above my manager offers only a tiny pay rise after manager says 'My work is fantastic for last 6 months'

38 votes

"Startup" working hours - is it normal to be asked to work 11 hours/ day?

35 votes

How to respond to "Why didn't you do a postdoc after your PhD?"

29 votes

Should I tell the recruiter that they are below the market rate?

22 votes

Should I communicate in my applications that I'm unemployed out of choice rather than because nobody will have me?

21 votes

How to address team member who excessively defers to me and is unwilling to give clear feedback

18 votes

Is it rude to joke that a candidate was "trained well" by their college?

18 votes

Probably terminated or laid off soon; confront or not?

16 votes

Burned out due to current job, Can I take a week of vacation between jobs?

13 votes

Contacted company asking if there's an iOS software engineering role, and they responded saying QA would be a perfect fit. How can I navigate this?

12 votes

How should I respond as a developer if manual testing is assigned to me?

11 votes

Coworker posted private chat message in a public group

10 votes

When I need to constructively criticize someone's code, what can I do to "soften the blow" and increase the impact at the same time?

9 votes

How can I constructively address the fact that a coworker with the same (senior) title doesn't have the basic skills for the role

9 votes

How much can I judge a company based on a phone screening?

9 votes

Should I inform my future product owner that there is a good chance that a team member will leave the company soon?

9 votes

Should I share a somewhat confidential document with my now ex manager? (They had access before leaving the company.)

8 votes

Company director looking at my screen, made negative remark about my performance; how can I handle this?

8 votes

How can I argue against the idea of working overtime to fix bugs (constantly)?

6 votes

Respect and Code Reviews

6 votes

Should I tell management that I intend to leave due to bad software development practices?

6 votes

Negotiated conditions not met after taking back resignation

6 votes

My Boss delayed a website launch from a client due to changes in workflow

4 votes

How much can I get away with making management happy but irritating co-workers?

3 votes

How can I handle 'no promotion this year' in a performance review?

3 votes

How can I support parallel development on a code porting project?