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35 votes

I'm leaving a toxic work environment, my boss won't stop pressuring me to stay. How should I handle this?

13 votes

Helping others avoid a nightmare employer

12 votes

Tattoos and after work events

7 votes

Was it the right thing to disagree/complain to the boss?

5 votes

Presenteeism, How should I phase questions to discover if a job has a stay late culture

4 votes

How to deal with a team lead direct report that acts unprofessionally?

4 votes

Feeding feral cats at work

3 votes

Dealing with someone who thinks he's "divinely right"

3 votes

Why do potential employers require a residence (street address) on applications?

1 vote

How can I overcome a lack of confidence to succeed in changing jobs to obtain more pay?

0 votes

Should I report a previous coworker's arrest to management?

0 votes

I'm returning to the workforce after a long-standing medical concern. Do I share this with a potential employer?